Sunday, November 2, 2014

an Art Gallery with comments

woven back with felting needles for picture of bottles. etc.
Photo: Five of my seven children before we biked Europe in 1972. An interesting trip to say the least.

Going Home
No telling what I will end up with
when I start a paint.

The picture is of 5 of my children
 In 1972 when I prepared to take them with oldest two on a bicycle trip through Europe

A different picture
Oops, I printed it upside down! My son's girlfriend spotted it at the top of the picture and

informed him that I had bought it ready-made and faked it by putting my old signature seal on it.

But that was a long time ago. Last year when I turned 82, a neighbor gave me two blank (new) canvases, and somewhere, I had also acquired a third. I do not like unpainted canvases, so I decided I wanted to do another horse. A year or so earlier, I had painted a picture of two clay bowls, and I felt I might just succeed with a horse. I almost did it right but destroyed it by over-painting. Disgusted I let it sit for a few months. I tried again with the same canvas.  No use wasting a decent sunset; but this time it turned out to be a hobby horse, straight off a carnival carousel.

Since the hobby horse was painted over again, I do not consider it more than a practice effort, so my third success is the one below.  A bit different, but a horse.
My Favorte 1961 Watercolor

Ramtod-tailed Hors
In a Bamboo Grove
Portrait attempt.  Not good enough yet.
Rose's without rain drops
A Seascape on Cardboard
A pleasant  Accident

July 22 Spaulding

Chinese Brush. Not free enou
More Flowers
Piper under a blanket
July 22 2017 
The small picture under the horse
is Pup, my Brittany Spaniel taking a nap in my hammock.