Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Climate Change II On Flagler Street

Just got off a Florida page and found many people attempting to correct the Miami image and save both Miami proper , as far north as possible, and Miami Beach from the increasingly frequent flooding.

The complaint is that it is only Climate Change that is doing the damage. That would be nice. It is a much slower process. However, what is happening in Miami and in Miami Beach and other Floridian, soon to be inundated, areas is that the builders who are Northeran Snowbirds are positively sure that bigger and better building in the more popular areas are the things to create.

Make the areas look like New York City; or Austin, Texas; or cities in Los Angeles/Hollywood areas of mansions and pools. [H.m.m.m California seems to be sliding into the Pacific, just about the same way that Florida is sliding into the Atlantic.]

The difference between the two coast lines is that California has mountains and cliffs that are eroding due to massive, expensive showcase homes built on eroding cliff sides.  On the other coast, Florida has become the New York City of the south.

What architect in his right mind would build tall very expensive hotels and condominiums in a swamp? If even one of them, would go back and read about the Barefoot Mailman, who made the trek along the coast of  Florida in the early years of Mr. Flagler and his railroad; he, or even a she, would find that the poor main carrier was constantly facing swamps and gators;  lots of slimy soil. and difficult to walk on sand.

In the beginning, the houses on the coast were small homes, one story with pro per hurricane shutters.
Now, the builders for the small homes are touting sealed windows, electricity and air conditioning so that owners could weather out a hurricane while watching their television with chips and dips; at least until the roofs would be whipped away by the hurricane winds.

Architects of the area schools dreamed of patios made with lots of screens against mosquitoes and hurricane shutters that let in the air without letting in the rains and the wind.  and only small indoor spaces, for privacy with lots more open areas for the cool semi-tropical breezes.

Now, the shutters are gone, the screens get ripped away, and plywood is used to cover all windows: Tightly against the storms. Once an elderly person called the Hurricane Center in Coral Gables and asked why they did not tell homeowners to open a window or a door on the calm side of the house and shut the door on the wind side of the house.  

They also had to remember to tell the home owners to reverse the procedure when the hurricane turned the winds and calm around in opposite directions. That person was told that it was only an Old Wive's tale and useless in the hurricane areas of Miami. The buildings got to be tall apartment buildings, and finally taller condos. The soil could be corrected it was believed.

 And now, both Flager Street in Miami and the Fountainbleu Hotel and others in Miami Beach are flooded during such  hurricanes. But no one knows why.  Think!  The answers are there in Florida just as they are on the Pacific coast.