Saturday, April 12, 2014

Decided I Have No Time To Be Graceful

Yesterday was a long day, and I had a lot to do. Took another ride on my bike, then had to go to the Bank for my son so opted for the moped instead.  A lot easier..

Why in heavens name did I think I could do it gracefully? No time. I have too many other things to do which I like much better. Tried spinning my mohair and almost got done, but opted to spool it this time and not dye it.  It is a nice silky white. Like it better.

Wrote my book a while, but got blindsided by shifting paragraphs; so decided I should think a bit before doing any more, Then, suddenly, 'I remembered bits and pieces that would actually connect to what I had just changed and I realized that the fool book had started to write itself. It was amazing to me that it was possible to do things that way.
Gracefully?  Not much interest that way, but happenstance is and always has been more fun.

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